Four Paws Barkery


Project: Designing a beautiful and functional content and commerce site for Four Paws Barkery, an all-natural dog treat bakery and pet shop, using WordPress.

Role: Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Website Developer

Project Overview: For this website design, my goal was to create a beautiful, functional and profitable website for a fictional store using WordPress. The task was simple. Pick a WordPress theme. Next, use images, text, plugins and custom CSS to create a commerce site and a content site. My aim for this project was to utilize all the knowledge gained during the semester, including custom CSS, HTML code, Bootstrap, and WordPress to create an engaging customer experience for Four Paws Barkery.

The site includes a Home page, Commerce page, Content page for article/blog posts, Checkout page, Cart, and My account page. I built out the Content page with six articles and the Commerce page using the plugin WooCommerce with six to eight items for purchase, as well as customer testimonials.

Brainstorming the requirements, functionality and design of the Four Paws Barkery commerce site.
Inspiration for the Four Paws Barkery brand identity.
Four Paws Barkery home page design.