Georgia Waters App

View of the Georgia Waters app on an Apple iPhone 15 Pro.

My Role: Copywriter, photographer and app developer.

Project Overview: For this project, the goal was to design an easy-to-navigate app that is engaging to users, easy to navigate by all users, responding to different screen sizes and features a clean minimal design that is visually appealing. The objective was to stretch my novice app skills further by incorporating new elements into the design, while not overcomplicating the app with unnecessary views or elements that could frustrate users by making the app harder to navigate. Because Georgia’s diverse landscape offers some excellent scenic locations for paddlers of every level to enjoy, I chose to create an app highlighting some of Georgia’s most picturesque outdoor getaways while not over complicating the app.

Ideation of the Georgia Waters app through sketches of the list view layout and each location requirements to ensure functionality and easy navigation.
Georgia Waters app via an Apple iPad Air.

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