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Amboseli National Park
Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash.


The Challenge for Big Cats

Around the globe, big cats are being threatened due to habitat loss, lack of prey and conflicts with humans. These majestic cats are also illegally hunted for their fur, bones and other body parts. Securing a bright future for big cats is possible with the collective support of local communities, governments, and conservation organizations.

When communities work together to save big cats in the wild, its impact goes beyond ensuring the survival of these apex predators. Protecting big cats preserves the balance of our ecosystem, protects wild spaces, and helps combat the effects of climate change by safeguarding vital natural resources like rivers, lakes and forests, and helps save other species that live in the big cat's threatened habitats.

Let's meet two of these iconic wild cats.

Tiger's eye.
Photo by Ralph Mayhew on Unsplash.


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Lion's face.
Photo by Mariola Grobelska on Unsplash.


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Lions sitting on a rock.
Photo by Matt Reed on Unsplash.

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